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Integrity - an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

Integrity Ag Consulting


Grain marketing can often be challenging. Integrity Ag's consulting service can help you meet that challenge.

We begin by learning about your operation gaining a better understanding of the factors influencing your bottom line. By working with you to determine your break evens we are able to provide advice on which marketing tools would work best for your situation at that time. Integrity Ag makes you aware of carry spreads, basis movements, and other marketing influences as various opportunities arise. We search for advantages that can add revenue to your bottom line.

Whether it is with physical grain marketing advice or hedging strategies, helping you achieve a profitable year is at the forefront of our consulting program. By providing superior customer service and timely professional advice, we are confident that a long term relationship will develop. We work for you! We understand that you are our employer; your success is the key to our success.

Integrity Ag’s consulting fees is $2,500 a year. For a free 3 month trial click here to contact us.

This data and these comments are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be used for specific trading strategies. Although all information is believed to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. There is a risk of loss when trading futures and options on futures, and you should fully understand those risks before trading.