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In regards to Crop Insurance:

  • Would you like to learn more about these endorsements and the benefits they may provide??

    RMA will be offering the new High Risk Alternative Coverage endorsement (HR-ACE) as well as Trend Adjusted APH Yield endorsement (TA) and Yield Exlusion (YE) for 2016.

  • Do you need to learn more about written agreements for your farm operation?

    Have assisted producers in receiving written agreements to reduce, in some cases normalize, the rates on High Risk ground.

  • Do you need APH histories built in order to receive the best coverage and flexibility when choosing from the available policies?

    Have built APH histories for farmers that need them for revenue based insurance products.

  • Is your current agent putting his full attention and continuing education into crop insurance?

    Specialize in crop insurance – our attention and focus is not distracted by dealing with auto, health, etc. insurance lines.

  • Do you want assistance in making sure your crop insurance and marketing goes together in order to benefit your farm to the fullest?

    Assist you in identifying the synergistic benefits between crop insurance and marketing.

In regards to Marketing:

  • Do you want someone regularly contacting you in regards to these opportunities?

    Inform you of carry spreads and basis movements.

  • Do you want un-emotional, bottom line driven marketing advice?

    Make you aware when a market enters a sell signal.

  • Does your current advisor/broker provide assistance and help answer your questions about your cash grain marketing tools?

    Watch your local markets and make you aware of who is providing the best bids during a sell signal. Does your current advisor/broker provide insight and advice based on your local markets?

  • Help you analyze cash grain contracts and off take agreements to determine the potential benefits and liabilities.

  • Do you wonder if your current advisor/broker is giving hedge recommendations for your benefit or simply generating trades for theirs?

    Provide hedging recommendation that you can utilize with the brokerage of your choice. (We are happy to do transactions if you so choose.)