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GrainTracker Marketing

GrainTracker Marketing LogoWe help you achieve your marketing goals by making sure you are focusing on Risk Management rather than Price Prediction. Our goal is to help you make sensible marketing decisions based on the best information available at that time.

What We Do

GrainTracker Marketing takes a very systematic approach to the markets. We take into account: current fundamentals, time of the year, technical analysis, and experience to help guide as to when to make sales. Since nobody really knows what the market is going to do on any given day, week or month, we recommend making multiple small sales instead of a few large sales. We feel this reduces the risk and avoids potentially making forced sales.

How We Market

GrainTracker Marketing provides advice as to when to sell and provides price risk management. We use known fundamentals and technical signals to base our decisions.

We have the Ramblings Newsletter: a 3x-a-week subscription-based newsletter that, along with phone alerts, gives you insights to the markets and a reference to our Beat The Marketer information where you can see how our cash recommendations have been fairing in a scenario situation.

Who Uses Our Services

Every farmer has a different need. Some just want the Ramblings Newsletter for guidance. Some use us to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes all you need is someone to play devil’s advocate, someone to talk out loud to and help lay out the pros and cons.

Others may want more and we provide consulting where we get to know you and your operation and will provide you with the assistance that you are looking for.

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What is GrainTracker Marketing’s Philosophy?

We focus on making good business decisions with the best information we have at that time. We make a series of sales over a period of time, with an emphasis on historical tendencies. Historically, seasonal highs come in the first half of the year and prices tend to drop going into harvest IF crops are unaffected by the weather. We look for profitable results year after year, not getting a lucky one year.

What is an “Action Alert”?

We define an “action alert” as when 14-day stochastics reach the “overbought” area of the chart.

What is the Stochastics?

It is a technical indicator that measures the market’s momentum over a period of time (we use the 14-day period).

Why use a technical indicator?

It is a way to keep some emotion out of our marketing decisions. When we get an “action alert” we know we need to think about rewarding the market. If you feel it is appropriate then the decision comes as to how to reward the market.

Why use the Stochastics in particular?

No one indicator performs best under all circumstances. The stochastics work well when the markets stay in a trading range and work well under most market conditions. They don’t work so well in weather markets (nothing does).

Why make multiple sales?

We believe in price averaging.

Do long range weather forecasts play a role in marketing?

No, we are aware of the forecast but have to assume “normal” weather and thus a normal sized crop. Potential weather concerns can be taken into account with the use of options.

How do Fundamentals play into marketing?

The fundamentals (the USDA Balance Sheets) set the overall tone to your marketing. If supplies are expected to increase, then you sell more aggressively. If supplies are tightening, then sales are less aggressive. It is important to understand the fundamentals can change monthly and both US and World Balance sheets need to be considered.

When does the Ramblings Newsletter hit my email box?

Well, we write it late in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Sorry, but we can’t give you a precise time it will hit your email box.

What if the Ramblings Newsletter format doesn’t look quite right?

You might have an earlier browser edition……who knows, but at the bottom of the email you will see where it says “CLICK HERE” to view this as a web page. Do that and see if it looks any better. If not, give us a call.

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